Sunday, September 19, 2010

I'm so hungry I could eat a.....

......House. Remember folks, I'm a vegetarian!  ;-)

I ate 54 points today.

My daily limit is 30.

That's 24 points over!


Luckily I had flex points (sorry non-WW peeps...I don't mean to leave you clueless) so haven't gone over, but what the hell? I was soooo hungry all the time today. I'd eat, and then two seconds later I'd be hungry again. I just could never get in the "feeling satisfied" zone.

I have an idea of why I'm so hungry, but we'll see..... Regardless, these hunger issues are a pain in the flipping arse! Now I only have 4 'extra points' left until Thursday. Don't worry, I can do math, I just ate a couple extra points prior to this crazy food day!

Cross you're fingers I don't feel this way tomorrow, or ladies and gents I'm going to be royally screwed!

The good news is I went out for a run with my running buddy again tonight. I at least got 4 activity points for doing that. Heck....I might need them!


  1. I know that feeling... it's the worst.
    Hang in there - Thursday isn't that far away.

  2. Hey there. Good job in at least counting all of your points! That's great! And even if you use every single one of your WPA's and go over, you still might lose. Some weeks are just like that. It might depend more on WHAT you are eating. Are you eating nutritious things or processed foods?

    And great job on getting that run in!



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