Monday, September 06, 2010

Happy Labour Day!

I've had the week off and it's been wonderful. I was able to check off many item on my 'to do' list,  and still have down time. Almost too much down time. Today I'm bored. Bored out of my bloody skull really. My friends are busy with their own lives and I'm trying to stay busy in mine, but it's hard. I've done everything or at least most things already! So today, I returned some movies, mailed a letter, emptied the dishwasher and did some reading. This girl is STILL trying to get through that wonderful vampire novel Eclipse! The first book I read in about 3 days if even that, the 2nd and 3rd book...ugh... I just can't get into it, but I've bought the series and I'm committed to reading it so I push on. Personally I think Edward is a little too damn controlling at the moment!

Right now I'm watching an episode of Sue Thomas - FBEye (which I have to say I enjoy) along with updating my blog. Yay!  Later I am going for a run.  Yup, I said it. A RUN!!!! This girl is about to move her ass everyone! A friend (who will be home by then) and I are running tonight at 7:30pm. I'm looking forward to it and not, all at the same time. I say this because I haven't run in awhile, but least it's not humid out today! The weather is actually pretty perfect for a run.

One thing I forgot to share is that I got back on the saddle again on friday. Literally! After 16 years I had a surprise horse backing riding lesson where I volunteer. Just out of the blue after I was finished cleaning stalls, I was asked if I wanted to ride. So I did!!!! It was fantastic! I miss it so much and really want to get back at it more.  Fingers crossed I can make that happen soon. The backs of my thighs are really sore now, so here's hoping that doesn't affect my run tonight. I need to do some mega stretching!

Today, I didn't cook really (more of a reheat day of left overs) but I will share a new product I picked up at the grocery store and tried already. Yet again, Yves brand does not disappoint.  Even non-vegetarians would like their products I swear! I picked up their veggie bacon strips the last time I was at the grocery store. This morning I made my version of an Egg and Bacon McMuffin. It was to die for. The best part is these little bacon strips are only 25cals each, which means I can have two for a point! Woohooo!  I remember trying turkey and chicken bacon when I ate meat and was on WW before. I have to say I like these veggie bacons strips better! Yves doesn't pay me to say this...but I will anyway. Check them out!


  1. Have you tried their veggie pepperoni? It takes a homemade veggie pizza to a whole new level!

    Have a great run!

  2. Wow I must try that veggie bacon. I love bacon but don't eat pork anymore.
    Have a great run tonight. I know how doing a sport you haven't done in a while can feel. I just started riding a bike again and it hurts so much!



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