Saturday, September 25, 2010

Good Day for this gal!

One week until my next 5K run! Woooohooooo!!!!!

I went out tonight and ran for thirty minutes. This has been my longest run I've done in awhile. The best part is the run felt great! I did 10s and 1s (10min runs with 1min walks in between) and made it through without any issues. My pace was even pretty awesome too. Okay well, maybe awesome is overkill.   I'm no speedy ganzales by any means, but I am definitely faster than fifteen pounds ago! 

Today I was on point as well. Thirty points bang on. Nothing less, nothing more. You want to know why this was so important?

I had flipping french fries yesterday....but wait.....let me explain!!!!!

Yesterday I went and volunteered. I usually clean out some stalls (I volunteer at a horse stable for those who don't already know), but this time I did that, but also helped hull a crap load of stuff from a horse trailer to a barn where they were setting up for a horse show.  I wasn't expecting to do the ladder. It was totally unexpected. I usually am there from about 9-11am. Yesterday I was there from 9-4pm. 

I ate a bowl of instant oatmeal with some almond milk for 3 points before I went there at 8:30am.

By noon I was hungry.

By 3:30pm I was freak'in starving.

So when the women I volunteered for wanted french fries from a chip truck herself and wanted to treat me for helping her and her son out, I was in no mood to say no.  I just wanted some food. Sue me. Shit happens!

Obviously the chips did not derail me and that is a good thing! Months ago, it might have, but today I was even more determined to stay on point and kick some ass and I did!  Oh yes, I rock ;-)

You want to know who else rocks? Becky Johns that's who! Why? Well, because this gal gave me a 
blog award that's why! I've been awarded the Substance Award. I'm truly flattered that someone out there thinks my blog has substance. Yay!!!! Thanks Becky!!!!

The task at hand now is to describe the philosophy, motivation and experience behind my blog.  Only FIVE WORDS?  Bloody hell! Oh wait, that's only two! How about this.....


Really I just see my blogging as an online diary. I'm not looking for a lot of readers and I'm not into contests.  I always had a diary growing up and for me this is just the 21st century version of the same.  It still blows my mind that people care enough to read what's going on in my life and comment on it.  I truly do love the blogging community and I thank you from the bottom of my  heart for all the love and support! 

Next I'm suppose to pass this award on to ten other blogs (only 10?) that also have substance. Here goes nothing. It's time to spread some love.

In no particular order.....

These blogs (among others) I love to read. If you haven't found out about them on your own yet, I recommend stopping by them for some inspiration! 


  1. Thanks darlin! I really appreciate the award. :) I feel bad for being a non-blogging entity these days though. Boo. I should update, yes? :)

    Great job with the running- you are kicking some serious ass here!

  2. 10s and 1s?! Girrrrrl, you really are my hero! Wow! Keep up the great work. And about the fries - y'gotta do what y'gotta do sometimes! :-) Way to handle your business. And congrats on the award. You couldn't deserve it more! Much love to you.

    Becky from

  3. Aww! Thank you so much for the award. I'll post it on my page now.

  4. Thank you for the Award!

    I am jealous of your running abilities... I hope to be a "runner" soon!



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