Tuesday, September 14, 2010

American Eagle, I love you!

I looked in my closet, took out a t-shirt, and knew it wouldn't fit. It was an XL. An American Eagle XL. I haven't worn a XL from a "regular store" in a very long time, or any store for that matter.

As I started to put it on I noticed the shirt had a bit more stretch then I thought it would. Could it possibly fit? Remember, this is a shirt from a store I'm not allowed (or so I feel sometimes) to shop in. It's a store I can't shop in. I'm fat remember? I'm too fat for their clothes.  There's no way this shirt can fit.....or is there?

There is! It fit!!!!! I am wearing a American Eagle T-shirt. WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!! Crazy. Ass. Shit.

The t-shirt I got for free about a month ago from American Eagle when I bought my baby cousin her size 4 jeans. Yeah, exactly what I thought.....bitch! lol.... The free t-shirt went with  a promotion they had on at the time. I was happy to get a free t-shirt, but at the same time, sad because I knew it wouldn't fit. I didn't even try it on. I didn't want to be disappointed. Today though I thought, what the hell, my other t-shirt fit, so lets just see if this one does too. I truly thought I was going to get one arm and maybe a boob in this t-shirt and that's about it, but to my delight it fits and even more delightful, it fits comfortably!  I can't believe it. It's been far too long since I've shopped at non-plus sized stores. If this is any indication as to what is to come,  I just might not be able to take it!! Me So Happy!


  1. Yay!! You look great and so happy, Sonya! :)

    PS. I just told my hubby that I wanted your hair style! Mine is getting so long and I'd love to chop it all off in a cute cut like yours.

  2. What a fantastic feeling that is....those kind of feelings make one stay on track!!

  3. I am so excited for you. I hope you are keeping a pair of pants that you used to fit into for one super amazing before and after photo!

    You really are inspiring :D



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