Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Yoga challenge - Day 3 done and it's only 5AM!

Guess who practiced yoga at 3am? Me, that's who!!!

Usually on my break at work I'm a couch potato. My brain and  body are tired and I just want to tune out for awhile.

Tonight was different.

Tonight, I decided that I would get in my 3rd yoga session of the 7 day Yoga challenge while at work. I thought who cares if I'm wearing jean capri pants! I'm going to do this dammit!  So with determination seeping through my veins I ended up signing into the computer in the lounge, bringing up the internet,  entered youtube into the browser and searched for some beginner videos.

I did not turn on the TV.

(okay well....at least not until my yoga was over!).

Thankfully it was a pretty easy search to find yoga on youtube. There are MANY yoga videos there.

I decided to try these ones out.....

Yoga for beginners - part 1
Yoga for beginners - part 2
Yoga for beginners - part 3
Yoga an evening practice

This is the type of yoga I'm use to. These yoga sessions are truly for beginners. They still strengthen, but you travel through the moves at a slower pace and get use to being in the different poses. I loved it. Thanks youtube I couldn't have done it tonight without you!

The four videos combined had me practicing for roughly 38 minutes. Not too shabby I'd say.

Food wise I've done okay so far.  I'm eating veggies and fruit galore, and even had a slice of vegetarian lasanga. I'm still hungry though. Sadly it seems to be one of those nights where that stupid orange WW monster is bugging me ALL THE TIME! I just ate some cucumbers which usually help fill me up, but not tonight. My stomach is still growling. So annoying I tell you.   I know I haven't drank the amount of water I normally would though and this is probably why.  I need to buy lemons. I recently realized....

water with lemon - I drink litre upon litres of H20
water without lemon - my water intake sucks the big one.

Lemon is a must if I'm going to be drinking water. I just don't like water without it. Not unless I'm freak'in hot and I'm sweaty and it's after a run. On a normal work day.... I need lemon in my water! Not only does it make my water taste WAY better, a bonus is it's good for me too!

You can check out the benefits of lemon in water...here, and here!


  1. Oh, I never thought to check YouTube, but of course they'd have yoga vids! 3am?! Wow! ;)

  2. I saw the 3am and I thought, girl, are you crazy? But that totally makes sense!

    I'm going to bring my sneakers in to work and hit up the walking trails on my lunch hour. If you can get in activity at 3 freaking AM, I can do it at noon!

  3. I've been snacking on a few walnuts lately (I found some little containers in the Dollar Store and it's a good way to portion them out). They have helped me to stay full. 3:00 a.m. !!!!!
    Less of Me



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