Thursday, July 22, 2010

Versatile car was hit again!!! GURRRRRRRRRRRRR.... *sigh* A few months ago my car was hit while parked on the side of the road, and tonight on my way to work it was hit again!!!!! Some dude decided to come into my lane without looking first and smacked me! Yes, of course I'm thankful I'm fine and blah, blah. blah (no, truly I am thankful), but really this is starting to be a major pain in my ass! So. Not. Cool!!!!!  Can't people just check their damn blind spots for flipping sakes! I haven't even called in the first claim yet as the person wanted to work it out between us, but now she says she doesn't have the money and now has to go through insurance. Great. Now I have two claims to put in! Thankfully both accidents were not my fault, but still....ugh....

Of course I have been a tad stressed out and anxious about this all. If I wasn't working I'd probaby be tempted to sit on the couch with a drink in my hand and vent to my best friend. Either that or I'd down some really shitty food and mope. As I'm at work, I can't down some booze, and because I'm determined to lose this damn weight I haven't  filled my face either. This took self control tonight as there being some really great looking chocolate chip cookies sitting in our nutrition centre right now! Instead I've decided to remember my goals and therefore have been left to sit with my thoughts and my anxiety and learn to deal with it. It sucks, I feel crusty, I feel tense, but I'm proud of myself.

Although I haven't truly found a new way to cope with stress (as talking to coworkers about it didn't really seem to help a lot), I'm still happy I didn't gravitate to my old behaviours and say fuck it to the weight loss plan and down those cookies and anything else I could eat that would help to nub the anxiety. Instead I'm listening to some music and trying to calm myself with writing. Is it working????? Got to say, I'm not sure yet. I think once I call my insurance, get an appointment to fix my car etc...etc....I'll feel better. For now, I'm just feeling crappy.

In other more happy news, as I said in a previous post this blog was nominated for the Virsatile award. Thanks again Misssaralou!!!!

So with this award, comes rules...

1. Thank the person giving the award - done!
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Nominate 15 newly discovered blogs.
4. Let your nominees know about the award.

So here goes... 7 things....hum....
1. I'm going to be an Aunt to a wonderfully gorgeous baby girl that is due in september
2. I love my feet. For a tall plus size girl...I think they are pretty damn cute.
3. My hair will always change colour. It's very rare for me to go to the hair dresser and get it done the same colour more than twice.
4. I have a nose ring
5. I thought about getting a tattoo, but even at 31 I fear disappointing my father...he HATES them, so have never and probably will never get one.
6. I got 99% on expert singing on rockband. Oh yes...I totally missed my calling ;-)
7. I recently got 'fake' nails. Not because I wanted them long, but because I was feeling pretty butchy lately and wanted to girl it up a bit. :-) 
Blogs....15 is a lot! so if you are reading've been hit! Congrats!!! :-) Hey...what can I say, I suck at following rules!


  1. Yikes, two accidents in a row. :( So glad to hear that you're okay though. And the fact that they're not your fault is even better. Car repairs can be so expensive.

    Three years of healthy living (and in some cases attempting to live healthy lol) and I still struggle in dealing with stress and emotional eating. Lately I've been writing stuff down when I feel like I want to eat/binge. It does help. And I've been saying to myself over and over again that I need to believe in myself and my abilities.

    Fake nails are very girly aren't they? I got them a few times before on special occasions. They ruined my real nails though.

  2. ugh - that sucks about the car, I don't blame you for wanting to stuff your face, but I commend you for not! I've been thinking a lot about this lately. I'm the same, I want to stuff ym face when I get stressed becasue it makes me forget about all the stress for the 15 minutes that I'm doing it. BUT after those 15 minutes are over I feel stressed again AND I tend to get even more stressed becaue I just stuffed my face! I've come to the conclusion that it's really not worth it. I'm really trying to think about the after affects of going off plan now - it seems to be detering me from it :)

    Keep trucking honey - you know it's going to be worth it in the long run. I was just reading Jack Sh*t's last post - it was a great one, you should check it out :)

  3. That really sucks having 2 accidents in a row. Esp because you weren't doing anything that would have cause it. I really hate no fault insurance.

  4. Sorry to hear you were hit AGAIN! That sucks. There must be something in the air 'cause my car got totalled last week by some idiot who dropped a cigarette, crossed the double yellow and hit me head on. I guess we have to be thankful that there were no injuries but it is such a pain in the a$$ dealing with the insurance companies and repair shops. Be safe out there.



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