Friday, July 30, 2010

Up 0.4lbs

July 29 - first gain on program, but at least I can still say I have my 5%!   

Soooooooooo, do you think this could weigh 0.4 pounds?

Yup, that's my sexy self hooked up to a 24 hour holter monitor.  What you don't see is all those leeds connect to a little silver recorder which is in my bra! For those wondering, about a month or so ago I had a couple heart palpitations (lasting less than 10sec), and some light headedness at work. I told my doctor about it when I saw him last and he ordered the holter. I haven't had them since or the dizziness, but of course went through with getting things checked out anyway.

I'm not surprised by the gain this week. Not just because I had to wear this silly thing to my WI, but because I wasn't 100% tracking like I should have been. Plus, remember the lasagna incident? Yeah, that didn't help. This time (which is something kind of new for me) I'm not dwelling on the gain at all. If I did, it would take away from all the non-scale victories I had this week.

Lets look at them shall we.....

  • I ran four times this week! FOUR TIMES!!!!  
  • I ran in the crazy humidity (40 degrees) once
  • I used a treadmill once (something I was also afraid of)
  • I ran the fastest 5min ever - pace 6.45min/km 
  • I've practiced yoga five times thanks to the yoga challenge
  • Even though I wasn't counting I still ate pretty nutritious food ie. watermelon, cucumbers etc...
  • I wore a size XL shirt - a bit snug in places, but it was still wearable!
  • my belt I have to tighten just a little bit more now

Not too shabby I'd say. Finally I am learning that it's not only about the numbers on the scale! With that being said though, this coming week  is a new week and one that I plan to kick some ass in. I'm going to keep up with the running and the yoga (as they work so well together) and track like a crazy person with hopes to see a big number next WI.


  1. That is amazing. Sadly sometimes how I feel about my body is dictated by the number on the scale and not the nonscale related achievments.

    I'm happy for you! :-)

  2. One small gain compared to that huge list of accomplishments!!! I'd say you're doing just great! ;)

  3. that monirot thingy sounds complicated.... and definetly has something to do with the .4 gain.

    I always like to take a minute, sit back, and focus on the non scale advancements I've made - it always makes me realize that the scale isn't the only important thing.

    Good work :)



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