Friday, July 23, 2010

Run Sonya Run!

Well folks, not only did I lose 3lbs this week, but this girl got off her arse and ran today! 

I have been feeling pretty crappy lately that I have let my fear of running in the heat and humidity (I still don't have a gym membership) get in the way of reaching my goals. Today was the day I said "f*ck it, I'm running!"

Well folks...holy crapbars....I thought I was going to die. Yeah, I know what you might be thinking, and yes, perhaps I'm being a bit of a drama queen here, but dudes, it was 28 degrees (82F) outside and that's not even taking into account the humidity!!!!!! The wonderful weather network tells me with the humidity it 'feels like' 40 degrees (104F!!!!).  I sure know how to face a fear, don't I? I even ran at 3pm!  Of course ideally I would have liked to run in the morning or late at night when it's cooler, but I can't with my damn work schedule (unless off of course). This is why I've put off running lately because the time I can run, it's so freak'in hot, but not today ladies and gents, not today!

I decided to go back to doing workouts from the C25K program that I loved before. I did week 4, Run 1. Am I proud of the fact I can't run as long as I could before? No, not really, but I am proud I got out there. I am hoping when cooler weather hits us again I can get back to running the distances I was before, but for now I'll deal.  Like I said, I have this fear, my body is not use to the humidity and I'm out of lets face it...I'm still fat.... oh sorry...obese.... Thanks BMI!

Week 4 of the C25K is this...

walk 5 min
Run for 3
walk for 90sec
run for 5
walk for 2 min
run for 3
walk for 90 sec
run for 5
walk for 5

The first rotation was okay. The last rotation was (my famous word) BRUTAL!!!!! I wanted to quit so many times since I still don't have that determination that I used to. I just kept saying to myself though (sometimes even out loud) I can do this. A couple times I was in the zone so much I said it when people were near me. I seriously think they thought I was coo-coo!

Once I was finished I once again passed out on a grassy hill near my house. I literally ended up in the recovery position! lol... It was so hard peeps. It took me a long time for my breathing to get back to normal, but I did it.

This time around ( if you've been reading my blog, you'll know this is not my first trip around the block with WW) I really want to get this exercise AND eating right thing down pat at the same time. Somehow all these years I've only been able to focus on one or the other. It's like focusing on both takes too much brain power for me or something....ugh....Hello, I'm a smart cookie, I should be able to do both at the same time for god sakes,  but for some reason I haven't been able to. Here's hoping I can truly change that from here on out!

So here's to a brutal awesome day of running with many more to come!

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