Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday update aka lameo title

So I'm still pretty proud of myself for running yesterday. The plan for tomorrow is ( after I sleep during the day) get up and go to the movies with a friend, and then go for a run when I get home. By that time it will be after 8pm so *fingers crossed* it will not be as hellish as my last run.

In other news....I forgot to tell you that I got my blood work results back.  I'm perfectly fine except my iron is a little low, but actually 11 points higher than when I was eating meat! Go figure. I'm not too concerned about it, I'll eat more greens and see how I feel. I am feeling a little less tired lately, but if need be I'll add another vitamin to the mix.  On top of the iron being low, my vitamin D is also low. This isn't an uncommon thing. I figure it's because of my schedule change that happened back in April and now I work way more night shifts than I use to. This  means I'm not getting as much sun. Boo!!!! I was already taking vitamin D 1000U, but stopped before my BW was done b/c I wanted to know my true baseline. Now I'm happy to report I'm back to taking that vitamin everyday.  All other values were fine, except I have to do another pee test. annoying that I didn't pee in the cup right the first time. I should know better!
I also booked my holter monitor test. I have it done next week. I doubt it will show anything abnormal, but like I said before, it's better to get it checked out and know I'm fine, than leave it and find out later that I'm not!

Other new news is when I went to my WW meeting last thursday I was able to purchase their new 'monthly' pass. With that pass I I now have free access to etools. I didn't get the pass for the etools (I got it b/c it was cheaper to do it this way), but it's a nice bonus. Prior to this you had to pay extra which I thought was a rip off! For those that don't know, etools lets you track your points online and has a recipe builder and a bunch of other cool stuff. I guess in all honesty it's pretty much like all those other sites out there. When doing WW though, it's nice to have it all connected. I'm still not sure if I'll track online (I sort of still like the 1982 way of writing things down in pencil still), but we'll might grow on me.

Tonight I'm on night shift #5 out of eight.  Eight 12hr night shifts in 10 days is killing me. I truly hope the new schedule I proposed to my bosses goes into effect soon! On the way to work I ended up buying a Venti three pump, light on the ice, non-fat iced chai tea  latte at Starbucks. Not sure how many points it was, but damn I needed it.


  1. Ugh, I don't know how you do night shifts. I would be a zombie. ;)

    Have fun at the movies (what are you seeing?) and good luck getting the run in!

  2. Sonya - Sorry that I missed your name on the Yoga Post, I added you and a link to your blog. Looking forward hearing about your yoga practice! :)



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