Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Heat Wave! :-S

Howdy folks,

Thanks for all the kind words on my last post. I do wish I was able to run the whole thing like I did on my first 5K, but here's hoping I'll be able to run the next one entirely.

I have asked for a vacation day from work on August 28th so I can run the Toronto Women's 10K/5K. Of course I'll be doing the 5K. I'm soooo not ready for the 10K.  The exciting part about this run is that a) it's all awesome women running it, and b) firefighters hand out the water at the watering stations!!! Woohooo...there's motivation to push on right there!!!!!

I am still terrified of running when it's humid so still haven't gotten back into my normal routine of running every other day.  It's 32C in my neck of the woods (that's almost 90F) and that is not taking into consideration the humidity right now.  We're in the  middle of a heat wave and I don't like it! I wish it was spring/fall all year round!

Add that to the fact I have been crazy tired lately, I just haven't found my energy to face humidity in the eye and say F*CK you heat, I'm going to beat your ass and run anyway. Instead heat has been beating up mine.  The good news is I've made a doctors appointment for next monday to get some blood work done. I have a feeling I'm anemic (which is causing me to drag my ass and get it beaten by the heat) but we'll see.  I was border line anemic when I ate meat, so now that I don't, I'm pretty sure I am. I do try my best to get in all the essential vitamins I need in the food I eat, but lately have been slacking a bit....and I think I'm paying for it. I do take vitamins everyday, but think iron might need to be added to the list.

Today I'm very excited because I'm heading to a blue jay game in Toronto. I haven't been to one in probably over 10 years. I know...sad.  I'm going with a few people from work, so it should be fun. I have no idea what I'm going to eat, but here's hoping it will be healthy.  I might check out the Roger's Centre (where the Jays play) website to see if they list what vendors that are there before hand so I have a rough idea what I can eat. If there is nothing appealing or veg. friendly I plan to eat ahead of time.

Tomorrow I'm heading up north for some R&R. I'm soooo looking forward to it. We have internet up there now, so hopefully I'll be able to blog a bit and let you know how everything is going.

Until next time...stay cool folks!

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  1. Good advance planning. I love going into a sitation knowing what there is or isnt to eat. Sure beats showing up unprepared and being disapointed.

    I haven't been to a Jay's game in years either and every summer tell my hubby we should go, but it just never happens. One day.



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