Monday, July 19, 2010

Goals, goals, goals....

(sorry, it's a long one).....

I feel like I've lost my focus. I need to get it back. I feel like I'm letting the heat outside and my tiredness take over my will to succeed. They have been huge obstacles that  I need to get over. I feel like I'm travelling backwards instead of forwards these days.

I did go to the doctor and he ordered a bunch of blood work which I had done on friday. I'm sure I'll hear something in the next couple of days. He also ordered a 24hr holter monitor for me. I've had a couple heart palpitations (oh joy) so he thought it best.  I'm not too worried about it. It has only happened a couple of times and for about 10 seconds each, but it's better safe than sorry, right? I got them before I became a veggie head too, but once again very, very rarely. My family does have heart health issues so I thought it best to inform the doc and get it checked out before it becomes more of a problem. With more weight loss, exercise and healthy food choices though, I hope it never does!

I am back to tracking and although I doubt I'll see a big loss at WI on thursday, I am hoping to at least see something.  I found eating via my points during the day far harder than eating my points when I'm on a night shift. I'm back on nights now though, so here's hoping I can kick some ass in the next two weeks.
Since rejoining WW in the last month I've lost 11.2 lbs.  My goal for the next month (July 17-August 17) is to lose 10lbs. It's a bit ambitious I know (since I will most likely not have a killer number like my first week ever again), but with a return to running, and tracking really well, I think I might be able to pull it off.  If I don't, I'll still be happy I lost something so no worries!  Another goal I haven't forgotten about it the 5K next month. I must fight the heat and my laziness fatigue and get out there and run again.  I still really want to participate in the 5K run next month. I have 39 days to train. I can do this! I will do this!!!! Sure the heat might kick my ass again and again when I run, but at least I got out there and tried. Right now, I'm sitting on my ass more than anything and I don't like it! I've come too far to give up now.

A few things I've done lately to help myself succeed are....

I got groceries! Yay!!!! Anyone who has been reading this blog for awhile, knows I HATE grocery shopping. I mean, once I'm there I'm fine. I just hate GOING! I ended up going to Watson's Farm  to switch it up a bit. Plus there's  nothing better than fresh grown local fruits and veggies! Since I was a kid I have gone and picked fresh raspberries and strawberries in the summer at Watson's Farm. This year I didn't pick my own (it was threatening rain when I was there and didn't want to chance it), but I did pick up both berries along with corn on the cob, cucumbers, potatoes, peppers, and green beans. The strawberries are SOOOO much better than the ones you get at the grocery store. So so sweet. The ones at the grocery store have zero taste and almost made me think I didn't like strawberries anymore!

I then hit the grocery store where I bought  beets, kale, cherries and watermelon, along with whole wheat bread, free-run omega 3 brown eggs,  a few 100cal snacks, soy and almond milk, along with a few other things I'm forgetting at the moment.  Needless to say my fridge is packed with great food which can only help me succeed!

I also e-mailed a Goodlife gym near my house asking about membership prices. I have yet to hear back from them though. Really I should have called, but I was just searching around the internet and found their e-mail and decided what the hell. Initially I had talked to a friend who rented gym equipment thinking I could just rent a treadmill for the summer when it's super hot out, but I found out it would cost over $70/month. That is INSANE! My girlfriend has kids so finds it easier for her this way, but for me who doesn't, it just doesn't make sense. Why rent one piece of equipment when I can just go to the gym and use far more pieces for less?  It all still really depends on price though, so we'll see. I think it might be the best thing I can do for myself though. I didn't want a membership for fear of not going after a few months, but if it will help my running which I'm determined not to give up, it might actually be worth the risk. Plus my 30s are all about giving a shit, so I can't give up! I can't quit this time!

Anyway, so that has been my life in a nutshell.  Oh.... last but not least, thanks to Missarahlou I have been given a blog award! Woohoo!!!  In my next post I'll be sure to follow the rules and tell you all #7 new things about myself and nominate others! thanks again Misssarahlou!

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  1. I've had to wear the monitor for palpations too. It was nothing serious for me thank goodness, but it still bugs me the odd time I do get them!

    I'm your polar opposite when it comes to grocery shopping LOL! I love to go and see what's new and my fridge and cupboards are bursting at the seams!

    Stay strong...your not alone we are all fighting this battle and some days are harder than others!




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