Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Tonight I ate vegetarian lasagna.

This was a bad idea for two reasons. Unlike the Amy's brand I told you about,  this lasagna was.....

  1. 1/8 slice for 6 points , but who really measures when scooping out tasty pasta from a huge pan? I sure the hell don't. *sigh*
  2. COATED in cheese
I'm lactose intolerant people!!!!!

What was I thinking? Oh right...... I wasn't.....again.

Sure, sure I took my lactose pills before I ate followed by my beano pills (oh joy), but still I am sitting here feeling like a helium balloon that needs to be popped. I'm VERY uncomfortable. I'm sooooo bloated. So much so that the gas pains are radiating up my arm to my shoulder. I know...I'm a freak!

On top of that, the lactose pills I take completely plug me up. So not only am I feeling bloated, but now I'm constipated too. To help with that little issue, I then have to take doses of  senokot to help me go to the little girl's room. This means MORE pills (I've tried prunes etc...peeps, it doesn't work for this gal).

Oh man.... *sigh* ......why oh why, didn't I learn yesterday when I had the first stupid (larger than I hate to admit) portion of this cheese-o-plugness? Yup, you got it.... I have ate this stupid stuff two days in a row. Hey...I did say it was a huge pan! Yesterday the belly so much. I have a day and a half to get this bloating and constipation thing under control before weigh-in on thursday. Right now, the scale isn't loving me at all. I feel a disappointing WI coming my way.

Damn you cheese....


update: Yoga Day 4 completed at 4:00pm when I woke up. I just did one video from youtube today as my belly and mind aren't really feeling it.


  1. That sounds so uncomfortable! I am wishing you good toilet vibes today LOL. Hopefully this passes quickly.

  2. You poor thing!!!! I hope everything comes out (ok bad pun) ok and in time for your weigh in!!!!

  3. Ouch! That sounds so painful. I hope things start moving again and the bloat goes away. I love cheese and don't know if I'd be able to stay away from it even if I had those symptoms. Hope you feel better soon. Try to stay away from the cheese ;)



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