Friday, June 04, 2010


Hey there, Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Life has been pretty boring though due to working lots of night shifts lately. Thank goodness they are over for a bit. I do get to work this weekend though. Woo-Hoo! Not.

So I must admit, even though I tell myself I'm ready to lose this weight, I obviously am not, as my eating has been crap lately. I've ate too many french fries and other crap. I plan to get out there and get some groceries though so hopefully things will improve soon. I did try some tofurkey sausages today though. They were okay. Okay enough that I ate two!  *sigh*

I haven't ran since my graduation run either. I was going to run last night but with the combo of rain and feelings of exhaustion I decided to pass and I'll run tonight. Lets hope it cools down a bit around 8pm though. It's hot out there right now! I also feel still pretty tired so fingers crossed I can find some energy. My 5K is not that many days away and now my friend that will be running my first race with me has convinced me to try out a 10K in July. AHHHHHHH.

I must admit I'm not super excited about running yet. It's more a "oh man, today is run day", but I run because I like the way it makes me feel after. Before and During...not so much.  I do it because I know it has helped me build confidence in myself and although I've not lost weight, I know my body is stronger for it and people have commented. These comments make me happy. It's like in some way, all this hard work is paying off.

With this new found confidence, I decided to try out the dating world again. *sigh* Dating intimidates me a bit. Okay, a lot. Here's  hoping I meet some nice guys this time around, instead of the guys that tell me they shave their balls. Oh guy did tell me that in the past (during our first conversation). Can you say winner? lol...

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  1. Oh. My. Give T.M.I much, dude? That is just ICK. I wish you luck in the dating world!

    I know what you mean with the eating. This week I've put on the breaks- no more crap additions to my diet.

    I feel the same way about running, too. Not loving it, but I do it because it's good for me, and you're right, I feel good after!

    Keep it up and don't beat yourself up over the eating, just make tomorrow a better day. That's all we can do! :)



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