Sunday, June 20, 2010


I took a sneak peek at my weight this morning. I'm weighing in at 242 lbs.

WAY BETTER than 247.4lbs.

My belly is feeling much better and my weight is proof of that. Not so bloated or plugged up (sorry if that's TMI for ya). I'd still like to lose more of course before WI day on thursday, so here's hoping. I'd like to get back to 240lbs for my 2nd weigh in. From there, then I'd like to kick some ass and finally get into the 230s.

Food wise I've been doing okay. I had a few celebrations this weekend, (bff graduating, nephews 3rd birthday), so it was hard, but I did better than I would have if I hadn't joined WW. I wasn't perfect, but I did better.

Today I started off the day with brunch. I woke up late so ended up not eating until about 11:00am.
My first meal of the day consisted of:

  • one free range brown egg - over hard, 
  • 100g of yogurt with 1cup of strawberries,
  •  two slices of WW toast with 1tbsp of 95% FF herb and garlic cream cheese with sprouts and cucumber.
  • Crystal Light - Lemonade
All in all, YUMMY...and most importantly these days FILLING!

I'm feeling pretty tired today from the festivities of friday night and yesterday, but here's hoping I can get something done today. I need to go for a run tonight. I've been slacking a bit and haven't gone since last monday. Not good! Maybe some green tea will help perk myself up!

In other news I signed up for two different magazines today. One being Vegetarian Times which a colleague told me about (I actually have several co-workers who are veggie heads like me, and one vegan for that matter). They told me this magazine is really good, so here's hoping! I believe it's published in the USA, but is available internationally. I ordered this one for a year (9 issues). I then went over to the WW website and ordered the Weight Watchers magazine. I meant to order 6 issues for 20-something dollars, but the sneaky website combined with my tired eyes, didn't catch that the 18 issue/3 year options is what is ticked unless you click on another option! WTF? Money Hungry website or what! As you can guess already I'm sure, I forgot to click on the 1 year option. Oops! *sigh* I just spent a combine $75 on magazines! Not exactly what I planned to do. Oh well, I'm sure they will both be wonderfully informative and inspirational. Fingers crossed anyway!


  1. Yeah! That's awesome congrats! I'm sure you can reach your goal! Good luck

  2. I'm a few pound more than 242 but Kudos to you!!!! I hope you continue being happy and healthy:)
    BTW I know you've previously visited my blog a couple of times but I've recently changed the blog name and address so I wanted to update you:)

    Take Care,
    Fiona @
    New Healthy Me



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