Monday, June 14, 2010

...and so it begins again!

passed out after my first 5k!  LOL...
Today is day one of my 10K training. I'm not sure if I'm happy about it or not, but I'm going to get out there. I just want to wait until it cools down a bit first. Am I scared to run today? Hell ya! I truly am afraid of the pain as each run is still brutal, but like I've said before, I've come to far to quit now. I will be a runner so help me might have to pick me up off the ground after each run I do, but I'm going to get out there!

Ideally I'd love to be able to train with others at the running room and follow their programs, but with my schedule it just doesn't work out. They do have some public runs open for anyone on wednesdays and sundays though, so I'm thinking of going to the ones I can. It will be nice to run with others every once and awhile.

I found a podcast program online that I downloaded from itunes for free called Freeway to 10K . I think I've mentioned it before but for those who don't know it appears to be  very similar to the couch to 5K podcast program that I used to help train for the 5K I just did.  Hopefully it will be just a good and will keep me motivated. It's developed by different people, so fingers crossed. I'll let you know how it goes!
Pro-Tec Foam Roller
Foam Roller from the Running Room

I went to the running room today and did buy one of those form rollers I was telling you about. YAY!!!

When I bought it the sales clerk said..."now, if you aren't hurting when your using it, you're not doing it right!"Well ladies and Gents, let me assure you I am doing it right!  Dear god it hurts!!!! Holy crapy it hurts. Its amazing how one little form roller pressed up against a tight muscle can cause so much pain. With that being said though,  the pain is a good kind of hurt...I know it's working. Thank god! I have a feeling Mr. Foam Roller and I are going to become fast friends. The youtube guy was right though. You really do become a bit of a contortionist using it and you really do need killer arm muscles to hold yourself up. I don't have the arm muscles really but I tried my best. I manly worked on my calves tonight which is what is the most sore anyway. Apparently I have mega knots that need to be released! Here's hoping that Mr. Foam Roller can help me.

The freedom to 10K is not like the couch to 5K. The F210K is all about interval training. AHHHHHH!!!! I know I over use the word but can we say BRUTAL!!!!! I swear these programs are trying to kill me! The first week goes like this....... a 5 min warm-up followed by a 4 minute FAST run, followed by a 2 minute jog. You repeat that 5 times and then have a 3 minute cool down.

I did the warm up no's walking!!!! Then I started into the first fast run. I felt okay so I did the jog and repeated a second time. After that I felt like I was dying a slow death.  I ended up  walk/fast running the next two and skipping the 5th fast run. I just couldn't do it guys. I was so tired and the demons in my head won this time. I'm not proud of quitting...but holy shit that was hard. Here's hoping it gets better next time!


  1. How did you figure out which foam roller to get? I saw that TRR has 3 different foam rollers. Good for you for taking it to the next level with the 10k. Good Luck

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