Thursday, May 06, 2010

Week 7, Run 1 - Done

Hey folks...not much to report, but just wanted to say yesterday I came home from work after working midnights and decided to run before I went to bed. I was going to sleep first and than run, but decided against it. It's not easy to force myself out of bed once I'm in it! I managed to complete another 25 minute run (week 7 is all 25 min runs), but it was the first time that I experienced back pain. It's as if my whole lower back got stiff...and my left hip was sore as well. Not fun....but I pushed through. Yay!!!!  The key is to spend ample time stretching before I head out I think. I must admit I'm guilty for not doing it as often as I should. Slap myself silly I know! I decided a massage is needed so I booked a 60 minute one on friday. Can't wait!

I'm not sure what the plan for today is. It's almost 5:30am and I'll be done work soon enough (can you tell it's a slow night?). I then of course need to get some zzzz before forcing myself to wake up at 2pm (once again, I say this is not going to be easy!). I work day shift on saturday so I need to flip my sleep clock, and flip it fast! Fun? Not Really! I'm hoping to do something productive today. I'm just not sure what. Usually I'm half dead from lack of sleep on my first day off so fingers crossed I can force myself to do something! I'll keep ya posted!

Oh and one more thing to report....the Dole southwest salad addiction it catching on. One more gal at work tried it and now loves it too! See, I wasn't lying when I said it was damn good!

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