Saturday, May 01, 2010

Lonely Vegetarian at the Lone Star

Happy Saturday Bloggers.

I just woke up and I'm about to get ready to meet my family. We're celebrating my father's 60th birthday today. I can't believe he's the big 6-0! Wow.... I can still remember his 40th birthday surprise party! My, how time flies!

He's decided that he wants to go to the Lone Star for dinner. Let's just say it is not a vegetarian kind of place. I'm perusing the menu online as we speak and it's going to be difficult. Even their salads have meat in them and don't really sound that appealing even if I was to order them without the meat.  Of course all their food is not diet friendly either. I think I'm going to end up eating something cheesy from the appetizer menu.  I'll just take the hit and hope my 25min run tomorrow will kill the calories I'm about to eat! Here's hoping anyway!

Tomorrow morning I'm also going to my very first geocaching event.  For those who don't know, geocaching started 10 years ago and it pretty much like a scavenger hunt using a GPS. I was introduced to it last April and had fun searching for little treasures last summer. The friend who introduced me is now hosting this event tomorrow so it should be fun. It includes breakfast and then of course getting out there and finding some caches! I like geocaching because it involves getting out of your house, hiking/walking for hours. It's also about finding and learning about new parts of the city your living in that you wouldn't learn about or go to otherwise.  If you have a GPS, I say give it a shot.


  1. I was at lone star yesterday and I opted for the veggie fajita. the veggies were really greasy, but it was really one of the best options I could find. I had 2 tortillas and then ate almost the rest of the veggies with the rice a lil cheese, the lettuce and tomatoes with small dollops of guacamole over it. that is the best suggestion i can make. Good luck!

  2. I always wondered what Geocaching was and now that you provided that link in your blog entry I must say it motivates me a bit more to get a GPS though we don't have a car:)



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