Monday, May 03, 2010

Friends, Family and Food

Howdy folks, how was your weekend? Mine was jammed packed with the three F's. Friends, Family and Food.

As I talked about in my previous post, my family  headed to the Lone Star for dinner for my father's 60th birthday. Thanks MirandaJayne for the advice on what to order, but sadly my sister was a bit apprehensive to have anyone order anything that came on a cast iron hot plate (ie. fajita). She feared my two year old nephew would touch it. As a result I ended up ordering Texas Taquitos. As stated on their website they are a

"southern-style spring rolls stuffed with Jack cheese, grilled corn, onions, black beans and cilantro in crispy wrappers served with a zesty chipotle plum dipping sauce".

There were four of them - pretty small but not the healthiest I know.


Luckily, I didn't feel like eating much else for dinner....mind you I sure  did eat a few flour tortillas and salsa though. Damn they were yummy! Of course pictures were taken during the birthday celebration - all made me want to vomit. Damn camera, why do you hate me so much? Here when I think I'm making progress and feeling skinnier, you never fail to slap me back into reality!

Oh well, sunday I ended up getting up early and headed over to my friend's geocaching event she hosted. It was fabulous. Wonderful food, lots of people, free swag and great giveaways. She really out did herself.  After breakfast my sister, friend with their spouses (and myself of course) headed out to find some caches that were placed for the 10 year anniversary. We hiked/walked for 4.5 hours through a conservation area!  It was a lot of fun (and time flew), but damn I was tired when we were finished. I came home and crashed. Lets just say I did not do my wonderful c25k run that day. Instead I took a trip to dream land!

Today I did get out there though and ran my butt off. but I have to admit I really didn't want to. My last two runs have been pretty brutal and that was with having 'walk periods' in between the running parts. Today was a full 25 minute run with no walking breaks. I kept thinking to myself, how the hell am I going to do this when I"ve struggled doing the last two runs so much?  Of course this led me to I procrastinate until 3:00pm. Then finally I said enough was enough and got out there. I did some extra stretching (and praying) and stuck on my runners and headed out the door. Thankfully the run was better than my last two and I finished without any major issues. I'm still pretty slow (although I have no idea what my real 'pace' is) but who cares? I did it! I ran for 25 minutes people! 6 weeks ago I found it hard to run for 60 seconds. Now that's improvement baby!!!!

I have to say I am proud of myself. I'd be lying if I didn't, but I also just keep looking forward and still realize I have a long way to go to get ready for my first 5K. I have to increase my speed, learn how to run hills etc..etc... Week 7 I'm going to start working on these things. Week 7 consists of three 25 minute runs. I think I'm going to try to run by the lake (where my first 5K will be) at least once to prepare myself a little more. My runs right now have always been around my neighbourhood which if fairly flat. The lake has more hills. It's going to be hard, but I have to try! I know it will only help in the end. I have a little over a month until my first 5K and I want to be as prepared as I can be!

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