Tuesday, May 11, 2010

4K - one step closer to 5K

Today I ran 4km!  I was slow, I was tired, I was sore, and I was sweaty, but most importantly I was sooooo proud of myself when I was done!

I decided to run 4km today because I realized when searching the coolrunning.com website that I should be running 25min OR 4km.  I have been running for 25 minutes, but not 4k. Today I thought I would give 4k a shot and not focus on the amount of time it took to get me there. It took me longer than 25 minutes to complete because even though I stand at 5'11" tall, I run like I'm 4'9".  My stride length sucks...still not sure how to improve it, but hey...I've only been doing this for 2 months!

I ran 4k in 32min 56 sec (pace - 8.13min/k). In other words I went from running 25minutes to running almost 8 minutes longer!  How do I know this? Well I went out and bought the Nike + ipod. I love it! Best little thing ever. I now know my pace, my distance, my calories burned and time! It's fantastic.

I don't own the shoes to put the sensor in (most know by now the sensor goes under the sole of Nike shoes) so I found a tip off the internet that said to place of sticky velcro on the back of the sensor and on the lip of my shoe and then ensure that the sensor is  secured with the velcro and shoe laces.  Make sense? Maybe...anyway, It worked great!  I was very pleased and look forward to running with it in the future.

Because of the Nike + ipod, I didn't actually listen to the C25K podcast this time. I knew week 7, run 3 was 25 min or 4K so I just set the Nike + to 4K and ran listening to MY OWN MUSIC!!!!  Don't get me wrong, the dance music on the podcasts are good, but I loved listening to my own music.....although got to tell ya, the songs I belt out in the car are not necessarily the best songs to run to! Some adjustments to the song list are needed. Any suggestions?

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