Thursday, April 29, 2010

Windy Jeans

Today I woke up a tad bit early so I headed out for a run. I think it was the most difficult run yet. Not because of the amount of time I ran, but because it was so damn windy! Holy Crap, it was windy! I'm also still fighting that head cold which I seriously wish would go away! Anyway, this run was so hard.  It  felt like week 1, run 1! I pushed through though and finished. Thank god week 6, run 1 is over! 

In other news, about a week ago a took a chance and ordered jeans online. Being a plus size girl is hard enough, but add being tall to the mix and let me tell ya it's very difficult to buy pants/jeans. About a year or so ago I was very excited at the fact that some of the plus stores around town were finally catering to us tall fat gals.  I was able to buy jeans without an issue. Now because these same stores say not enough people are buying them, the jeans are disappearing. I'm so annoyed!!!! Where the hell am I going to buy my jeans?  Anyway, when I was at Rickis  the sales lady said I could order tall jeans from their website, so about 2 days later I gave it a shot. Well Ladies, the jeans came in today and they fit! Yahoo!!!!! I can do them up, and they are long enough! It's a good day for a tall gal!!!! I must admit I have a bit of a muffin top (as they are a lower rise than I'm use to), but with the right shirt I'm able to hide it with hopes it will start to disappear soon! Waist 34". Length is 35" 


  1. Oh girl, do I EVER feel your pain! I need a 35, 35" inseam, and I used to wear MEN'S jeans for the longest time because I could never find women's jeans long enough! Being a 14-16-18 or whatever size I was made it a lot harder. I found Lane Bryant worked, but I had to go to the US for those. We also have a store called Tall Girl with crazy expensive, but super long jeans. I am *just* a bit tall for the Gap
    (which I could only wear at a size 12 this past Sept!) and Old Navy. I finally found Bootlegger jeans- long! Their largest waist size is 33, so you may be there soon! So if you have one in your area...give 'em a try one day. (If you live in Canada). We tall gals have to stick together!

  2. nI think no matter what size we are, and I've been anywhere from a 15 (@ reitmans) to a 6 (@ ricki's) {right now an 8 @ ricki's}, and I think pants are always a gamble we are afraid to take. But awesome! Good job on finding these. They are hot jeans too!



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