Thursday, April 22, 2010

WI - Lost 1.5lbs

 Aren't my toes cute?  I just happened to get a pedicure yesterday. Perfect timing or what!

So this week I had better success, not huge success but better and I took the photo to prove it. Can I just tell you how bad I want to get out of the 240s? I have been stuck in the 240s for FAR TOO LONG! I am really going to try to do even better this week so I can see a 3 on the scale next time. I love threes and it's time we started to see each other more often.

The second photo is a number I really didn't want to see. It's a tad bit embarrassing. The second photo shows my percentage of body fat. AHHHHH. Really? Does it seriously say fifty-freak'n-three percent? Dear god, that is brutal. Now I said I wanted to see the number three more often, but let me clarify. I want to see the number three, but not when there is a five in front of it!  Cookie (my best friend) told me not to believe it, but if I'm trusting the scale with my weight, don't I have to trust my scale with my percentage of body fat too?

Anyway....I really am trying not to focus on the scale too much. Last week when I didn't lose any weight it helped to justify a self sabotage which is not cool. This week,  I saw the 53, flipped my scale the bird and now am moving on.

The past few days have been busy for me and a bit stressful, but I think I'm handling it okay. I haven't ate to cope which is entirely new for me. I did go out for Cookies 'yay I'm FINALLY done school' party (she recently went back to school) and had a few drinks, but who doesn't do that every now and then?

I have officially completed week 4 of the c25K and I'm NOT going to repeat it! I surprised myself and did fine. Week 5 however, I'm a little scared about. My first run I'll be doing today should be okay. It's three, five minute runs with 3 minute walks in between. But my last run of week 5 is 20 minutes with no walking! AHHHHHH. Can we say scared?  Twenty minutes people, and on top of that my friend wants to run with me on sunday. Sunday just so happens to be the day I planned to do the big run.   Now usually I wouldn't have a problem running with a friend, but this girl has a slight crush (what am I in grade school?) with this so-called new friend. Even though I know my place in his world, do I really want to run my first 20 minute run with him where I'll be sweaty and possibly dying? Not really, but I'm going to anyway because that's just how I roll.


  1. You can do it! The great thing about the c25k program is that it builds gradually, it makes sure you're ready. :) Believe in yourself.

  2. Great job on the loss!!! You'll do great on your long run!!!!

  3. You are an inspiration!



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