Sunday, April 18, 2010


See anything wrong with these pictures?

My Wii remote batteries were dying the last time I did workout four so apparently it didn't register so I just had to do it again! BOO!!! This of course meant I had to suffer through another brutal session of  lunges and squats! Thank goodness the next workout focuses on my arms!

The timing and the calories burned is a little less on my second round of "workout four" because I just got in from running Week 4, Run 2 of the c25k. Since the first exercise of the Wii Challenge is running/walking, I skipped it. Sue me!


  1. Good work girl! And yay for the c25k initiative :) you're not going to regret it - I can promise you that.

  2. Is that workout challenge on your Wii?? Now that we have moved I have the space for to use one :) I may have to ask for one for my birthday



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