Monday, April 05, 2010

Preggers? Nope...just Gas.

Long Day...and a not so good one at that. Today my stomach has been pretty bad. Bloating, gas, and constipation. I know, I know, perhaps TMI, but hey dudes, I'm keeping it real.

At work for lunch today, I tried out a falafel wrap at a new Pita place downtown (pic is of one online to give you an idea, not the one I ate). Oh dear god, it was so yummy,  but I don't know if it was a combo of eating too much, too fast, or just the new type of food hitting my body, but my stomach did not like it.  My stomach all of a sudden expanded and I ended up looking like I was 7 months preggers! I felt and looked that way all day. I was so uncomfortable. Thankfully I've felt a little bit of relief since being home *wink, wink* but man oh man, tummy issues gallor today...and trust me, if I could go the bathroom at work, I would have...I''m not one of those people who can only poop at home...but no such luck today. Here I was in my new skinny size 16 jeans and 1X top, feeling like a bloody whale!!!! So. Not. Cool!

I am happy to report though that my heartburn (what am I, 80 not 30?) is better since giving up coffee and pop. I just made it through day four!!!! I'm not going to lie. The cravings are there. I wanted a pop so bad on saturday that when I fell asleep I actually dreamt I was drinking one!! How pathetic is that????!!!!! Good Lord, who knew I was that addicted. I seriously only drink 1 or 2 diet pops a day...if even that! This morning I was really wanting a coffee to start my work day off well, but  once again I resisted the habit. I just drank water, water and more water. My body thanked me....until I had that damn falafel!

Not much else happening in my neck of the woods. I went and grabbed some groceries on the way home. I packed a  salad for lunch tomorrow with a pasta TV dinner for supper (as I work 12hour shifts and eat both meals at work). I know what your thinking - TV DINNERS SUCK - , but it will be fine until I get my menu plan in order and actually cook stuff on my days off. I have to say though, there are not a lot of options for vegetarians in the TV dinner department. I never really noticed until tonight. Everything has freak'in meat in it! Hence the pasta! I also went and picked up some new bread. Good lord, did you know there are about a billion different types of Rye Bread? I swear the guy beside me though I was nuts when I was talking to myself asking "how the hell do I know the difference?" I ended up with some organic Rye and another kind. We'll see how it taste soon enough!

Well folks, that's it for this girl. I need to get some zzzzzzzz. Nighty Night everyone. I hope you enjoyed your Easter Monday.

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