Monday, April 12, 2010

One Month ago.....

One month ago today, animals thanked me everywhere.  That's right ladies and gents it's my meatless anniversary today! Betsy, Babe, Chicken Little and Nemo are thanking me (don't worry this is not a pro vegetarian/make the people who eat meat feel like crap blog entry).

This past month has been fantastic. I feel more healthy, I have more energy, and I realized how great food can taste not coming out of a cardboard container that has a big M on the front.  For those who are new to my blog,  I not only went meatless for the animals, but for my health too.  My eating habits prior consisted of grabbing (fatty crap) on the go rather than cooking at home.  It was causing me major gastric issues...duh...of course it would! Turning vegetarian forced myself to cook more! I gotta say food really does taste better when you prepare it yourself.  What an "Ah-Ha" moment that was to finally figure out!   I've made some awesome recipes that are far better than any take-out food I've had before. Sure I have had the occasional craving such as KFC after smelling it once, but other than that I haven't missed meat/sea food at all.  Alternatives such as veggie ground round and meatless chicken fingers have helped with that. I finally can say I've made a true lifestyle change (it's about bloody time!) and I plan to live it for a long time. The pros out weigh the cons ten fold.

This hasn't been the only change I've made in the last month though.  I'm still coffee and pop/soda free after 11 days and you know what? I feel so much better without it. Not just because my heartburn is alot better, but also I just feel more awake! Who would have thunk?  I just finished working my three 12hour day shifts on the weekend and usually I am exhausted by the end. Exhausted even after having  two coffees and maybe two pops a day. Now I down water like a crazy person and feel so much more alive. Sure I was still tired, but not as whipped as I usually was before.  Once again I did have those cravings for pop and coffee for the first few days, but now they are gone. I do allow myself a green/or ice tea once a day, but that's a far cry from the ladder I use to drink.

Exercise is still something I struggle to do, but the goal of the 5K was brilliant if I do say so myself. It keeps me motivated and on track. If I didn't have that, I can bet ya I'd still be a couch potato.

My fitness pal which I just signed up for this past month has been different for me as well. Sure I've dieted before, but getting back to counting is always a huge change. I must say it has also been a bit stressful for me.   I still get overwhelmed by counting calories/points etc.... I find I am getting discouraged by it.  In my heart of hearts I feel I have made great strides with my eating. I am eating 10x more healthy than I ever have in my life. Despite the fact that I eat veggies all the time, my fitness pal tells me I'm over my points and if I don't get out there and work my butt off I'm going to be fat forever.  ugh.... I HATE IT! Yes, it makes me more aware of my intake, but  boy oh boy it's hard.  I'm not going to give up though. No dear, not this time, but to say it's easy would be a lie.  It doesn't help that TOM arrived yesterday which has made me feel famished ALL THE TIME!  Here's hoping it gets better next week!

Overall though, I am still pleased with my progress and realize change does take time and it is something to fight for. I'm worth it dammit and it's about time I started realizing it!


  1. wow congrats on a year!! That is a huge milestone!!

    I am not a vegetarian but I try to eat less meat and get my protein from other sources!

    I just recently started counting calories and am finding that I eat way more calories of veggies than I ever thought possible! Who knew that I would go over my daily limit of calories with veggies?? lol..

  2. Congrats on the Veggie-versary!!!



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