Friday, April 30, 2010

Down - 1.5lbs

Well I must be doing something right! I'm very happy with these results considering I've sucked at tracking or doing my 30 day wii challenge this past week.  I'm still in the 240s, but  I'll take it with a goal to hit the 230s next week!

Today I went to pick up my new eyeglasses. Yay, I can see!!!! Thanks to my eye doc, I was able to get an AMAZING deal on some Alfred Sung eyeglasses. In all honestly I am NOT a brand name gal, but these ones I just so happened to like. Really they were the only ones that were workable on my face!  I like them, but they are so different from my previous ones it's taking some getting us to. I look in the mirror, and say, "who's that gal?"

Not much is on the agenda today. I'm just trying to rest a bit before heading into work for 7:15pm. I get to work nights again (oh joy, oh fun). It's going to be a LONG night as I've been up since 10am. ugh...

I did get out there and do my run today. I swear the C25K podcast I listen to when running has sped up the music to therefore speed up my running pace. Dear God, it was brutal....but I did it. Week 6, Day 2 - Done! Sunday is the day I run for 25 minutes. Ugh....I'm scared! The last two runs have been so hard and they have had walking breaks in between. I know I ran for 20minutes already, but for some reason my legs have felt so heavy lately and with the wind...ugh....Pray that sunday is a nice day for me! 

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  1. You look great! I love how your dog looks like (s)he's smiling too!



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