Thursday, April 08, 2010

The tracking starts now

Day one of myfitnesspal didn't go so bad. I stayed within my calories (thanks to working out) and found tracking pretty easy. Sure it took some time to add in the foods I was eating, but so what!  A girl has to do, what a girl has to do. After all, this is suppose to be a weight loss blog. It's not a talk about weight loss, but never actually lose weight kind of  blog (which lets face it, it kind of has been for awhile).

I was below my calories, was over my carbs and fibre, but didn't get in enough fat, protein and iron. It's going to be a challenge to make sure I get everything in like I should, but here's hoping I can figure it all out. One thing I did realize though is.....remember those wonderful rice noodles I made? Well....I looked at the package in the store and saw 180cal so bought them. I didn't notice until after I ate my lunch and 1cup of noodles that 180cal was for 1/3cup!!!!! OOPS!!!!!

This afternoon after making my not so wonderful green monster, and eating my left over Phad Thai I ended up doing a bunch of house cleaning. I then decided to suck it up and do a session of EA Sport Active for Wii (damn rice noodles). I decided that I'm going to try to do the 30 day challenge. I set my challenge on easy (for fear of death on any other level) and began my workout. It started to my surprise with a run! I then did lovely (who am I kidding they aren't lovely!) squats, side lunges, bicept curls, tricep curls etc...etc.... I got to say I did better than I have done in the past, but I was still feeling it by the end. The end came quickly though. Almost too quick. Only 16 minutes later. LOL....
I might like this 30 day challenge after all!

This evening I went to the track with a friend and ran week 3, run 1 of C25K. Well stick your hand up in the air because I need a high 5! This girl just ran for a full three minutes tonight!!! Oh yeah, I'm rocking it! This session went like for 90sec /walk for 90/run for 3 MINUTES/walk for ???/Run for 90/walk for 90/ Run again for 3 minutes and I did it! I'm so pleased with myself. It was hard, but totally doable at the same time. The only thing that started hurting a bit was my shins. I really need those rest days in between. Today was suppose to be a rest day, but I decided to run anyway, because I work all weekend.

Overall, I had a great day today. I feel more in control than I have in a LONG time and it feels great. I can't wait to get stronger and skinnier and more importantly healthier in the future. It's been a long time coming and I deserve it dammit!

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  1. Hey Good Job yesterday! Glad you felt like MFP was empowering you. I love it because I eat normal food, normal portions, and it's not a diet but I'm losing weight.

    I just wanted to touch on your nutrional values that you are tracking.

    Me, I track, Calories, Carbs, Fat, Protein, Sodium and Cholesterol.

    I highly suggest changing at least one of your nutrients to Sodium, because this will have a huge impact on your weight loss as well.

    The others I track are pretty similar to yours, I track Chol, just to stay on the healthy side.

    Good Luck today!



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