Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Damn Scale

Feeling sluggish today. Ugh... I really didn't want to get out of bed this morning. This is the first time I've felt this way in a long time.

I also stepped on the scale one day early for my WI this morning, and I totally shouldn't have. Why? Because I was up! Gurrrr. Only 0.5lbs, but still. WTF? I hate the damn scale. It just seems to go against all the great changes I have made. It takes those changes and squashes them like a bug.  

I do know my sodium was high and a few foods I wasn't sure how to track, but'd think I would lose something. Hell, I'd be happy with anything in the DOWN direction. I hate that even when you eat healthy, you still gain weight. A part of me would rather gain weight eating the big macs I use to if this is the results I'm going to get. Now I wouldn't, considering I love betsy too much, but still.

Of course this set me off to self sabatage. I went and drove through McD's for breakfast and had a egg mcmuffin minus the canadian bacon. A good choice? Of course not, but perhaps I still haven't got a hold of my "who gives a shit, what I'm doing isn't working anyway" feelings. I also had a falafal for lunch. ugh...I know. Not good either.

I did make one good choice though today. I got out for a walk on my lunch break for 30 minutes. It wasn't long, but it was something I suppose. It's more than what I would have done in the past - especially on days when I am tired. Usually I'd just vegetate in the staff lounge.

Thanks for the feedback on the c25k. I think I will attempt week 4 when it comes and see how I do. I still have one more run of week three to get through though and I'm hoping to do it tonight.  Right now I'm pretty tired though, so fingers crossed I can push myself when I get home tonight.


  1. I hate the scale too. It's not fair how it can make or break your day!

  2. Stupid scales!

    Do NOT NOT NOT let the number on the scales dictate how you behave. If you've been eating right, your body WILL catch up with your efforts. I once heard it put like this: We operate on a 7 day week. Sometimes our bodies operate on a 10 day losing cycle (or any number for that matter). So you may only see results every other week. But KEEP up the work because your body is still working for you! Give it time!



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