Monday, April 12, 2010

Black Bean Fun

It's spring and I wanted a burger. A black bean burger that is.  As  a result today at lunch I made some that once again Lynn featured on her blog here.

It started out with the beans of course, but I didn't know if I should drain them, so I didn't.  I then added in some onion, red and green pepper, and flour. I then started mixing it up and thought, well this doesn't look right. How is this to suppose to make a burger? Of course this made me think (need I remind you, I am not a chef AT ALL) maybe I'm suppose to mash them? She didn't say too, but maybe she forgot. So I proceeded to try. This made me realize black beans don't really mash that well, but red and green pepper kind of do! Yup, I stopped real quick. After all, who wants green and red mashed peppers? I certainly don't!

Thinking I was going in the wrong direction and the fact I heard draining the juice from the beans does help  to decrease the amount of puffs (a.k.a flatus, farts, gas),  you have after eating beans, I decided to start over and rinse the mixture! I was back to square one. Black beans, red and green peppers and onion in a bowl.  Check. Easy. I then added in the flour and a bit of water, and last but not least Frank's Original Red Hot Sauce. Not too shabby, but I have to admit I still wasn't convinced that this mixture was going to turn into actual burgers.  I still thought, I was totally F*$#ing it up.  So I added a bit more flour and said a prayer and attempted to form them into patty looking ball things (my tech. term for veggie hamburgers) and put them in the frying pan. I originally was thinking of putting them on the BBQ,  but that option was a no! 

To my surprise (this is why you should never give up!) they actually did make patties and were delicious! Phewwwwww. I can cook....kind of.  I sure did say this blog was about learning the art of vegetarian cuisine and I wasn't lying! The easiest of recipes can throw me for a loop, as I am truly a novice, but that's all part of the fun. So here's to awesome black bean burgers, that took me twice as long to cook, but perhaps I enjoyed twice as much as I didn't give up.

In totally unrelated news, here are two pictures of my kitties (Tyson and Emily) who have kept me company today while writing this blog post. Aren't they cute? Emily even decided to hold my hand (while apparently staring off into space). All together now......AWWWWWWWWW.


  1. Mmmm, black bean burgers rock! Sorry for the poor instructions. I mash them up with flour & franks and then add the veggies. Usually takes about 5-7 mins of mashing for them to be ready. And then I form with into patties with my hands. Always a sticky mess but they taste awesome! :)

    Aww is right, love seeing our blogger' pets!



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