Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Veggie Runner

It's been too long. I know that. I always seem to be really good at blogging for awhile and than life happens and I don't get around to updating this thing.

My back went out for a little over a week (which landed me on the couch) and then work has been crazy since, but those are all excuses I suppose.

Anyway, I'm back!

Two things that have changed since last writing. One is that I'm pretty sure I've decided to be vegetarian. I've thought about it off and on for awhile, and last week I was watching Oprah where they were discussing the movie Food Inc. While watching, I thought to myself (yet again) how can I eat beef or pork, or chicken, when I can't even watch the movie because it will disturb me too much. After all, I cry as it is when I see pigs or cows in trucks traveling down the highway. I just can't handle knowing what their future holds.

This isn't the only reason though. You all know if you've been reading this blog for ....oh...two minutes....that I have a weakness for fast food. That fast food usually ends up being burgers and fries or fried chicken, or something equally as fatty. If I go veg.....I can't have Big Macs, or Whoppers or KFC anymore...and because I'm doing it for the animals, this new 'plan' might just stick and help me become so much more healthy.

Soooo....I've had three meatless days so far and I made my first vegetarian loaf tonight which turned out wonderfully. I just ended up adding some celery and ketchup, used one real garlic clove (instead of garlic powder) and twice as much pasta sauce. It was Delish!!!!! I'm finding searching for recipes online exciting. I love that a lot of recipes are 'rated' and people can comment on how they made it better for them.  Nothing is worse than spending time making a dish to find out it taste like garbage!

The second new and perhaps scary thing is that I've decided I am going to run a 5K in the summer. Can I run a 5K right now? HELL NO!  I can't even run for 5 minutes!!!! I'm going to do it though. I told Cookie (blog name for BFF) who already has ran a 5K and she said she would do it with me....but I knew that wasn't enough so I wrote a status on facebook about my plan, and now my friend's husband is going to be running with me! Heck, he's even going to pick the race we're doing!!!!! So this is serious dudes! I can let Cookie or myself down, but I can't let this dude down. I'm now doing it for real! AHHHHHHHHH.....

So with the new training schedule I'll be having and the new diet, I'm hoping the weight will come off. Fingers crossed anyway!

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  1. Hey lady! Glad to see you're back! Lots of changes for you - all good, all good!
    Best of luck with the 5K - that's a great way to get started, having a goal like a race.
    I hope you'll share some of your vegetarian recipes with us!



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