Sunday, March 28, 2010

Thighs O' Plenty

It's 1:20am and this girl is struggling to stay awake. I know what your thinking, why the hell struggle, get your ass to bed, but if I do, I will not sleep late enough in the afternoon today.  I'll then be tired when I work nights  tomorrow tonight. I'm trying to stay up until at least 2:30am. That way I'll hopefully sleep until  noon. We'll see if I make it. Right now my eyes are feeling pretty darn heavy. Damn shift work. What was I thinking picking a career that's not 9-5? You can see what I've been doing to stay awake though.... changing my template again. Bear with me dudes. I think I finally found one I like - for now. lol... It's still a blogger template so you all shouldn't have any problems commenting. I will be putting up an e-mail address shortly though just in case.

Tonight (now yesterday I suppose) I went out for dinner (as stated in my previous post) for my Grandmother's 85th Birthday. I did alright. Intake high, but healthy - okay well... as healthy as I could get in a chinese buffet restaurant. I didn't waver from my vegetarian diet at all though. Yay! For a girl who's only been green for 2 weeks, I'd say that's pretty damn impressive. There was every type of meat/fish you could possibly think of there and I had NONE! I have to say though (for me) it's not that hard to resist if I remember the the reasons behind the switch. ;-)

Before I went out for dinner, I was getting ready and looked at myself (dare I say in my undies) in one of my closet mirror . Oh yes, I have FOUR closet mirror doors in my bedroom, aren't I lucky?!  I caught a glimpse of myself and then yelled, WHAT THE HELL IS THAT? My inner thighs were jiggling all over the place. Lately I've taken pride in the fact I have pretty strong muscular legs/thighs (huge shift from the shame of my bubble butt, muffin top and double chin), but dear inner thigh where flip flopping all over the place. What the hell is that about? I mean, they must have been doing that for sometime...hello, I'm fat, but man, did they ever do a little dance today. So. Not. Cool! Seeing them this morning all jello like made me want to run over to my parents house and  dust off my old thighmaster from 1993!!!! Man oh man....brutal!

Seeing my dancing thighs this morning made me realize something. It made me realize not only do I need to concentrate on building up my cardio with running. I also need to increase (who am I kidding, I mean start) my strength training!  I think it's time to develop a plan ladies and gents. Yes, oh yes, I believe it is!


  1. You need to fill the space where the fat was! Add muscle! It also helps burn fat! Double win!

  2. First off, congrats on the successful Chinese excursion! I don't eat much of it anymore but I love Chicken Chow Mein. Next time I'll try a regular Veggie Chow Mein to see if I notice the difference.

    Second, I am with you on the strength training!! After my half training is over I'm going to develop a routine because I'd like to be stronger and more toned. Looking foward to hearing your plan. :)



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