Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sore? So What!

Howdy folks - how did you start your day? For me, well.....I fell down the stairs! I'm blaming it on this cute little girl! She was hungry at 6am and decided to wake me up by patting me with her paw on my face about a gazillion times (man, if I had her persistance!) so I decided to get up and go and feed her. Somehow despite the two hand rails I have to hold onto going down the stairs I still fell! Luckily it was one of the smaller flights of stairs I have in my house (I have many, living in a multi-level house), but I got to say my bubble I mean beautiful (men can't keep their hands off) butt is a tad sore right now!

After heading back to bed and sleeping for a few more hours (I work nights tonight, hence the need for some good sleep), I read a few blogs and decided to try out the breakfast that Lynn @ Life, Health & Fitness  posted about, and had this morning a few hours before me! I had all the stuff I needed in the house minus the whole wheat toast so I thought what the hell! Let's try it. Instead of whole wheat toast,  I used Wonder Plus (Yes, I'm two years old, and like the look of white bread, but the wholesome goodness of brown). and as I like my eggs less runny than Lynn, I did them over hard.  Over all, it was yummy (and this is coming from a girl who doesn't like cream cheese on bread usually) and it was just the right amount of food to eat before I headed out for my next session of the Couch to 5K program.  Thanks Lynn for the great food idea! Lynn's picture on her blog of her egg-o-goodness is soooo much better than mine, but I thought I'd post a picture anyway to prove I made it!

Week 2, Run 1, went okay. Did you know 90 seconds is actually a really long time? lol....Holy Hell. I made it through without dying thanks to the two minutes of brisk (yeah, right) walking in between the running sessions, but boy, I got to say, it was tough for me. I'M SO OUT OF SHAPE!!! I actually feel like I'm starting to get shin splints. How lame is that? I've just started. Ugh.... . I'm determined to do this though, so screw the pain, screw the soreness,  I'm making it to the finish line this time so help me god.

On a totally different note. I now have 25 blog followers! :-)  Yay!!!!!!! Thanks everyone for joining me on my new journey. I need all the support I can get!!!!!


  1. Oh man, I'm glad you're okay after that fall!!!
    Way to go on the C25K - keep it up!

  2. We are here for you, Sonya - even if you still eat Wonder Bread!

  3. Ouch, hope the soreness doesn't last long. Side note: our kitten comes and purrs and purrs until you wake up. It's a cute way to be woken up but annoying at the same time.

    Thanks for the shout girly, glad you liked the egg + cream cheese combo.

    You are doing so awesome with the running, keep it up!!

    PS. Your POM voucher is going in the mail tomorrow morning. :)



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