Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Turning Shame Around

Wow, can I just tell you that spinning and ball class kick my ass yesterday! I've used my stationary bike before in my basement, but nothing compared to that workout. It was crazy...and we only did spinning for about 30 minutes...THANK GOD! I don't think I could have handled much more. I kept looking at the clock asking myself when it was going to be over! lol....

After the spinning part was done, we then used the ball and did some crunches and I had to laugh because my god I can't even do those anymore! Not on the damn ball anyway.  I really truly am out of shape. It's so pathetic! I'll get there though, I will. I can't have those 50+ year olds kicking my butt anymore. It's brutal. It's shameful. I shouldn't be this way. I should never have let myself get this bad, this out of shape, but I did. Now I have to work hard (super hard), to get back to being healthy. The more classes I feel like I'm dying at the better I suppose. Whatever will make me stronger and shed the pounds!

While I was waiting in the halls before entering the studio where my class was,  I was looking onto the pool where an aquafit class was going on.  It looked like so much fun. I asked if those classes were drop in ones as well and they are so I think I might check them out too.  They don't have as many offered, but I hope to go to at least two a month. It would be great to go to more, but with Yoga and other activities I'm trying I can't seem to fit it in....and once again I have to be careful with the $$$ factor.

We'll see how it goes though. Right now my schedule looks like this.

Monday - Flow Yoga - x3/month
Tuesday - Spinning/Ball Class - 1/week
Wednesday -  Flow Yoga OR Abs, butt and thighs class depending on my work schedule
Thursdays - Aquafit (every other week)
Fridays - walk/home workout
Saturdays - Power Yoga 1
Sunday - rest/walk/?

I guess I could do the spin and ball every other week and do more aquafit on the opposite tuesdays, but we'll see. Right now I'm just trying out a bunch of stuff and seeing what I like. Like I said, I love Yoga and will not give that up, but now I need to find something else I'm passionate about. I've realized in order for me to make this a lifestyle choice, I need to enjoy the types of exercises I pick. If I don't...I just will not go.

I have to say it blows my mind the amount of WW activity points I get for working out. I got 9 points for a high intensity 45min workout (the class was an hour but the last 15min wasn't high intensity so I didn't count it). Nine points is crazy!!!! Why the hell didn't I exercise the last 7 times I've joined WW? Lol.... Man, if I keep this up, I'm never going to feel like I'm on a diet!

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  1. Hey, looks like you are earning those points, woman! That's a lot of great exercise - way to go!



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