Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Operation January to June is still alive and well.

Operation January to June is still alive and well.

On sunday after I posted I did get outside for that walk. I went alone and couldn't find my ipod so I walked in silence and reflected and relax. I walked for an hour and enjoyed it. I really should have worn long johns though!!! BURRRRRRR. I got home and my legs were BRIGHT red. It seriously looked like I had  a sunburn (or I became a lobster), but no, no...it was called frostbite and windburn! I should have taken a picture. Brutal! I did enjoy the walk though for the most part. My hips are still giving me problems. I find I walk for about 30min and after that my hips get really sore. Does anyone else experience this? I thought the fact I'm stretching out the hip muscles more with yoga, it would help, but I didn't really notice a difference except they don't hurt as much the next day. Hummm....hopefully in time when I build more muscle and flexibility, I'll be better, but for now I continue to just push through the pain.

Tonight after working a 12 hour shift I went to my spinning and ball class at the Rec Centre.  That's right ladies and gents, I went and worked out after work!!! How crazy is that? I left the house at 6:15am and got home at 9:45pm. Long ass day, but a good one! I was so proud of myself for going. I do have to be honest and say I was hemming and hawing about attending. I was pretty tired, but after some wonderful encouragement from some coworkers and thinking I didn't want to fail  and have to mark down on my calendar that I didn't go, I decided to. After all, Me + Spinning = HOT ASS BODY, so really it should have been a no brainer!

A few of my colleagues are really into yoga like I am starting to be (going tomorrow - Yay!). One showed me this new place that I didn't know about in Toronto. This is when I wish I lived in the city. The classes are only $7.00. I pay $16.00!!!!! I am thinking of checking it out...but wonder if it's worth the gas to get there and who knows if I'd have to pay for parking.  He says it's a pretty good yoga studio - very authentic. It sounds like he has or does go often so now I'm like...dude, I don't want you seeing me do yoga!  I told him to tell me when he goes, so I don't go at those times...lol....with love of course. He said he'd give me two weeks. Dear lord....  I don't think I'd want anyone seeing me work out right now, let alone a dude...and a hot one at that! No thank you, but man...$7.00 is CHEAP! So we'll see. I might check it out on a weekend when the commute isn't bad driving in and out of the City. Tomorrow though, it's back to the one I know and love near where I live.

In other news, I'm very excited that I'm going to Body Blitz again in March. Two other colleagues and I are going. I soooooo love this place. It's so relaxing and just a great way to spend an afternoon! I'm not sure what treatment I'm going to get, but regardless, I know it's going to be fantastic!!!!!

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