Sunday, February 07, 2010

No Tigers Here!

Well I didn't wake up with a tiger in my bathroom (lame ass reference to the movie the hangover)....but I sure am feeling the alcohol I drank last night. I had a great time though. It was fun to hang out with my colleagues outside of work. It doesn't happen often enough!

Time to get back on track though... Last night I drank too many points and because their wasn't any other food really going on at the party (most was gone when I got there) I ended up eating the cheese ball I brought because I was starving. My plan to eat before I went to the party (so I wouldn't eat the cheese ball) failed because I was out running around too much and lost track of time. By the time I got home I had to race around with my head cut off to get ready. Oh well...such is life.

My goal for this week is like any week. Lose weight. As a result,  I will not let this one night derail me. I'm not even really feeling guilty about what I drank or ate last night which is great. I mean, I use to feel so guilty if I didn't follow the plan to a 'T". This time around, I'm just going with the flow...and it's so much more freeing.  I have three workouts planned for this week according to my activity calendar (yes, I made myself one!) and I think I might get out and go for a walk today as well.  I'm surprisingly not too sore from cross country skiing yesterday and the weather outside is still great. Perhaps I can drag my best friend with me....although I think right now she's having a nap :-(

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  1. One night is not going to undo all the work you did, so chalk it up to a fun night out and move on!



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