Friday, February 12, 2010

Down -1.0 lbs

Start Weight:  248.5 lbs
Last Weeks Weight:  244 lbs
Current weight:  243 lbs
Total lost: 5.5lbs

Man, I feel like the journey is going slow!!!! I was really hoping for a better outcome this week. I've kicked up the exercise ten fold, but still I'm getting the same results that I would have got if I didn't do any exercise at all! ANNOYING!!!!!! WTF? I worked out 4 times this week. That is probably four times more than I did all of last year!!!! 

I was going to say that perhaps I'm gaining more muscle from all the exercise (as I do feel stronger) and perhaps that is the reason for not losing as much weight as I would have liked. I then read part of this article . It basically says a pound of fat and a pound of muscle weigh the same. The same people!!!! Who the hell has been telling me all this time that muscle weighs more?  Man, now I can't even blame my crap weight loss on gaining more muscle! lol.... 

Martica Heaner (who wrote the article) does say however "The idea seems to be that if you are exercising—and theoretically losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time—the effects cancel each other out. So, in theory, you won’t see desired weight loss as measured by pounds on the scale, even though you may be improving how you look."

My girlfriend also said that they discussed this at her WW meeting. She was told that if two people have 50 pounds to lose and one works out and one doesn't, the person who doesn't will reach their goal faster. The person who does work out will reach their goal slower, but in the end will actually be smaller in size than the person who didn't work out. Make sense? 

So with that in mind, I push on. This time around I want to not only lose the dreaded fat, but also tone up and have a smokin hot firm 'smaller' body in the end...and really is there really an end? If  When I reach my goal, I'm still going to have to do what I'm doing now, so who the hell cares how long it takes me. It's crazy to say but I'm actually enjoying this journey so far. I have to say I actually enjoy my workouts. CRAZY, I know!!!! Finally I have found activities that I don't mind going to. That is HUGE for me. A major turning point, because now working out doesn't feel like such a chore. It's fun instead which means I know I'll continue to kick some ass and finally get to my goal. 


  1. The key to the muscle vs. fat question is to remember that a pound is a pound, but muscle takes up way less space, and burns more calories even when just resting. Have you taken your measurements? Losing inches is even more rewarding than losing pounds, and can keep you motivated when the scale isn't loving you as much as you'd like.

    Just sayin'...lost 65 lbs in 2007 and am keeping them off.

    Your workouts are doing less to help you lose weight now than they are actually setting you up to succeed at maintenance. Losing pounds is way more about what you put in your mouth than how much you exercise. But maintaining is more about activity level.

    Learning to love exercise now sets you up to KEEP your healthy body once you get to your goal weight. The additional muscle will give you a higher resting metabolic rate (you can eat more).

  2. Congrats on the loss! I loved how you worked through the whole Muscle vs. fat thing. I'll be honest, I haven't worked out in a long time, and I've had big losses the last two weeks. I'm prepared to start working out again, and also prepared to see the numbers on the scale slow down - because I want to be SMALLER when I get to the end, too!
    You are doing great - keep it up!

  3. Congrats on your loss! A loss is a loss is a loss as I have been reminded time & time again. In response to your comment on my blog. You are 100% right. Everyone's journey is their own. There are ups and downs, but life isn't worth living unless you know that following every down, will inevitably come an up. What makes me mad is that people give up permanently. ie: delete their blog because they just 'can't do it anymore'. What to me translates to 'won't' do it anymore. Just sayin'. KWIM?



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