Thursday, February 11, 2010


Yoga - Check
Aquafit Class - Check

I'm still sticking to my February workout schedule and loving it. I really enjoyed my yoga class last night and this morning I tried out Aquafit for the first time. It was great! I will definitely be going back.

Prior to going I talked to a few people who told me they didn't really get anything out of aquafit. Well dudes, you must have been going the speed of the seniors in the class (no disrespect, I love seniors), because I pushed it and man did I feel it! I truly believe you get what you put into it. I loved being in the water again and can't wait to go back on saturday. 

Tomorrow I'm taking a day off from working out. I've done three days of exercise in a row and my body needs a break. My hips are SOOOOO sore!!!! I will not complain too much though because I don't want anyone saying what my cousin wrote me today. Her response.... "suck it up buttercup, it could be worse."  lol.... I suppose she is right, so I'll keep on trucking.

Food wise I'm doing pretty well. Actually I'm doing awesome compared to the fast food I use to eat. My fridge is packed with healthy foods and I'm enjoying them. I've had a couple salads, a egg salad sandwich, sweet potato fries, veggies and a new blue menu dip and so on and so on. I'm trying to eat a lot more protein and drink a lot more water. It seems to be helping. WI day is tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed I see another loss. I cheated and looked today and I was down. Hopefully it will stay the same for tomorrows 'official' weigh in.

Tonight I have a 'pot luck girl's night' planned with a few of my close girlfriends. Four out of the six of us are attempting to change our lifestyle and lose weight (and we're all kicking ass) so even though food will be around tonight, it most likely will be healthy - score!

Tomorrow night is a different story though. My family is celebrating my sister's birthday and although she has done WW in the past, she currently is what does she want for dinner? KFC!!!!!! Can I say brutal? Don't get me wrong, I LOVE KFC, but it's not what I would call healthy. We usually go out for dinner so I could have picked something off the menu that was healthy, but this year she wants to order in. I already told her I might just pick up something different instead. Thankfully she understands and is okay with it. So here's to a couple good nights out with friends and family and attempting to be a 'good' girl with my food choices!

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