Monday, February 01, 2010

31 points!

I have 13 Followers! :-) Thanks guys for checking out my blog and commenting when you can. I love hearing from you all so comment away!

Today I pulled out my old WW weekly trackers and started using it again. I'm starting with 31 points a day. I have done well at tracking everything so far and have 7 points left for the rest of the night. Plus more if I want to use those "extra" weekly bonus points.  I'm going to try not to though. I'd like to save those for later.

Today I also searched the internet for more drop in exercise classes that I could attend. Like I said before I love my yoga classes (and will be going to one  tonight), but I need to find some cardio classes as well that will help me reach my weight loss goals. I do have a stationary bike down in my basement and a treadmill for that matter (it's my friends), but I've realized I enjoy classes more. I like the socialization of them, and I find I push myself more when I go to them. I know I'd give up half way through the workouts if I did them at home.

I was able to pretty easily find some classes near where I live at a recreational centre. Who knew they had drop in classes? Can I say awesome!  The times of the classes are great too, because they have ones that start at 8:30pm so if I was working a 12hr day shift, I could go straight from work when I get off and go to the class. Tomorrow I'm thinking of checking out one that I could regularly go to. It's a spinning and ball class. I'll let you know how it goes!

I have to be careful because of course these classes all cost money ( $9 for rec classes, $16 for the yoga ones) so I don't want to break the bank, but I hope to go to at least two a week - more of course if I can swing it.

I still think about running again (which would cost me nothing). My best friend is still into it,  so it would be great if we could do it together. I'd love to start running races together in the future like I see many of my blogger friends doing. She ran in the CIBC Run for the Cure race last october and I told her that I wanted to do the next one with her. Perhaps that should be another goal of mine!

So here's to counting points, exercising more...and reaching goals! We can do it ladies, we can!

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