Sunday, January 10, 2010

Onwards and Upwards

Okay so I still need to stay away from Chinese buffets for the time being. I can't be trusted there. I did have a salad, followed by of course a greasy main course. I do get a gold star though as I didn't have dessert there....instead I had it at my sisters... *sigh*. Oh I did well and that's all that matters. Onwards and upwards. That's all I can do.

I have been soooooo tired lately. I haven't been getting enough rest. More and more I'm finding it harder to switch my clock from night shifts to days shifts. I can't wait to fall asleep tonight. I'm heading to bed very shortly. *Yawn*

I'm doing okay with the guy issue that I wrote about previously. I've let it go.....or so I keep telling myself.....and then reminding myself. I still want to hang out with him, but we'll see if he wants the same. Of course I want him to come back and say, Oh what the hell was I thinking I do want to be with you? In reality though that's never going to happen. He's too much a free spirit so I've decided to leave him alone. If I bug him, I figure that will just drive him away further....and I don't want our friendship to be effected by all this.  So it's up to him and him alone. Now I have to focus my energy on someone new...although let me tell ya the pickings are slim out there. I am soooo sick of guys finding me attractive, but only wanting one thing. I'm starting to lose faith there are actually good guys out there, because let me tell ya I've met a whole lot of dogs....

Anyway, that power yoga class I took a few days ago....can I just tell you my whole body still hurts! lol.... Man oh man.... I was going to go yesterday and do another power yoga class, but I just couldn't I was still too damn sore! Tomorrow I'm hoping I can skip out of work a little early (skip my dinner break) and then catch the 745pm class. It's a gentle yoga class which will still be great, but less intense.

I'll let you know if I got there tomorrow!

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