Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I heart Yoga

Today I am feeling better. Minus the back pain that I am experiencing from the fact I've been in bed more than I haven't been the last few days. Now, Now...don't be jealous!

I got up early this morning (something I never do, if I don't 'need' to) and went to the yoga studio again. I decided to try out the class called Stress Release Yoga. It's more of a beginner class and more gentle than the  "moderate exertion' Flow Yoga classes I've been taking lately.  There was only four of us in the class this morning which was a drastic difference from the night classes I've been going to. It was kind of nice though. Very Mellow, very tranquil, and just what the doctor ordered.

I was able to focus a lot more on my breathing which was nice and we still did the regular twists to stretch out the muscles and some strength training too. I think my favourite parts of the class though is simply where we relax and meditate at the end. I  love it.....and now crave it.

I know I need to do more cardio exercises regardless of my new passion for yoga though. Yes Yoga will help strengthen my muscles therefore improving my metabolism, but cardio is still the key to losing weight.  I wish I could find something that lifts my spirit and I find as enjoyable as my yoga, but I'm still searching. Cardio I still loath, but know it is  important and something I must incorporate into my new lifestyle.

I thought about trying to learn  how to run again...a.k.a train using the Couch to 5K itunes program, but I'm afraid. I'm afraid of passing out on the sidewalk! I remember how brutal it was in the beginning and I think that is what is stopping me from trying it again. It's so silly, because I also remember how proud of myself I was as I got stronger and better, but no, no....I focus on my fears stupid I know.

I think I might do some searching on the internet for "drop in" cardio classes. I'm not sure they are out there, but we'll see.

Today is my father's retirement party at his work. I'll be joining my family and going later today. Looking at the time now, I guess I should go and get ready!!! Oops...Time flies, when your writing on your blog!

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