Friday, January 08, 2010

First WI + 0.5lbs

Good things I did this past week

I ate more veggies and fruit this past week then I probably have in the last 6 months
I walked for an hour amoung the snow
I rode a stationary bike
I went to two yoga classes
I feel stronger
I feel happy

The Bad Stuff

I gained 0.5lbs
Current Weight Now 248.5lbs
Stupid TOM came the day before WI
I worked nights therefore my days were longer (up at noon but back to bed at 8am)....long days/nights = more food and maybe even though Im eating healthier perhaps I still ate too much???
Salt intake still too high

The Plan

Continue to workout
Continue to eat well
Continue to Kick ass despite what the scale says

I will not get discouraged
I will not be sad
I will not give up
I will not fall off the wagon
instead I will drive it

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